How to Measure Alymeri Anklets


Measuring for Alymeri Anklets is easy

It only take a couple minutes to measure your bird for precise fitting Alymeri Anklets.  To measure all you will need is a ruler, a pen and a piece of string and your bird.  Follow the easy steps below:


Step 1

Wrap the string around your birds leg and mark on the string where it overlaps.  This gives us the circumference of your birds leg.

Step 2

Lay the string straight next to a ruler and read off the measurement to your mark.

Step 3

Compare your measurement to the Column C (Between the Grommets) on our Anklet Sizing Charts.  Be sure to use the correct chart for the size of grommets that you are using.

#0 (1/4″) Grommet Chart
#1 (5/16″) Grommet Chart

Step 4

When you find the exact fit for your bird on our charts, you will want to select the next size larger in order to allow the anklet to rotate on your birds leg properly.


If you have any questions just contact us and we will be happy to help get you the perfect size anklet for your bird.

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